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Want to inspire and empower the next generation of educational professionals?
Interested in being an educational leader on campus? Looking to build a community for students to engage in discussion and exploration of issues and careers in education?

Join SPREES and become a Director of one of our programs. Anyone is welcomed to become a part of our team!

To begin your SPREES adventure, please read over basics about being a member, our various teams, and role responsibilities at: bit.ly/spreesteam.
Then, fill out this form so we can put you on the best team for you!

NOTE: There will be an information session on TUESDAY 9/29 from 8-9pm in Old Union 207. Come to talk to current team members!


To sign up for our mailing list & become a community member, visit: bit.ly/iampre-ed.
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Do your best to honestly estimate how many hours would like to and could contribute to SPREES.

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Questions to jumpstart your thinking: Why are you interested in becoming in involved with SPREES? How did you hear about us? Why is the mission important to you?

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What do you bring to SPREES?

You can share any relevant experiences, your intellectual or career interest in education, etc.
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Here's what you would be doing this year in each:

OPERATIONS: Building community amongst SPREES team and making sure everything runs smoothly.
ignitED: Planning a conference and collaborating with other student groups/communities on programming.
GSE PROGRAMMING: Building a mentorship for students in the GSE in which they can shadow their mentor and learn about educational research.
PRE-PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMING: Planning dinners for students to meet and learn from educational professionals as well as connecting with on campus institutions to gain professional support for pre-ed students.
INTERNSHIP: Running a program that offers a deep look into teaching and working closely with Bay Area teachers.
OUTREACH: Increasing the awareness of SPREES by planning events for and with specific on campus groups as well as running a weekly social SPREES community gathering time.
COMMUNITY BUILDING: Building a dorm discussion program around education and planning an event to foster social support amongst pre-ed students.

Do you have any ideas for SPREES you'd like to share?

Finally, we are having our first meeting for new members on TUESDAY 10/6 from 7:30-8:30pm at the Haas Center.

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